Advertising Advertisements On Women And Men Essay

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Ads on Perfection. Ads have been around for many years. Only recently have people noticed the effect that ads have on women and men. Besides their original intention to spread awareness of a product or celebrity, ads also have a hidden message. This hidden message is what has been secretly effecting the people of America, making them develop this self-hate, lower their self-esteem, and even develop phycological disorders. Because of this, ads need to change the images and message they are sending out. The way ads should do this is by using “average people”. More specifically, using people with the average weight for that person age and not using photoshop on them at all. Also, not sexualizing women and men in advertisements by putting more clothes on their models is what ads should do to erase this hidden message from their ads.
Any ad that use women and men to portray a way they should look and act have these hidden messages in them. In the article, “The Negative Affect of Women’s Advertisement” by Robert Vaux, states, “Sexuality can be a powerful motivator, and many advertisements use sexually explicit imagery to help sell their products. While sexiness in and of itself isn 't harmful, reports from Jean Kilbourne and other activists cite an alarming trend of objectification and exploitation in advertising.” (The Negative Affect of Women’s Advertisements) This quote talks about how ads use sexualizing if men and women to sell their products. It is safe to say that many ads…

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