Essay about Advertising Advertisements For Jcpenney And American Apparel

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When advertising, the best information to have is to know who the audience is. Without knowing who to sell the product to, one does not have a proper basis for advertising. Once one knows who they are advertising to, they must know how to approach said audience. An advertisement for little girls would not feature old men golfing and chatting about their rheumatoid arthritis, just as an advertisement against smoking would not involve people happily smoking. Such aspects are counter productive when it comes to advertising. This goes for any product, including clothing. In the jean advertisements for JCPenney and American Apparel, one company knew how to approach their audience, while the other failed to connect. Just as the intended audiences for the advertisements were for young adult women, so is the audience of this essay. These two advertisements are successful, however JCPenney is the most successful when it comes to understanding their demographic. JCPenney keeps their advertisement clean and family friendly. In JCPenney’s advertisement, six very different women stand under a large white sign that reads “The Right Jeans”, and under them are different jean brands in dark gray are under each model. The use of an ethnically diverse set of models, according to Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing is how the ad “draws in the target audience by helping them identify with the advertisement’s situation” (163), in this case, finding the jeans. JCPenney is aware that its audience is…

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