Advertising : A Powerful Form Of Marketing Essay

1000 Words Jun 20th, 2016 4 Pages
Advertising is a powerful form of marketing that manipulates consumers to purchase products they do not need or want. Today, advertising comes in various forms ranging from blog posts to social media celebrity endorsements and even YouTube product reviews. More than ever, it has become increasingly difficult for consumers to identify an advertisement. Therefore, printed advertisements are competing against the advancing social media industry in its aim to persuade and manipulate consumers. Australian magazines Frankie and Madison are two printed publications with two similar readerships. Whilst Frankie features Kate Spade’s chinaware, elegant dinnerware reserved for sophisticated party hosts, Maddison advertises Yellowglen’s Bella Pink Moscato, an alcoholic drink consumed by those who crave a sophisticated lifestyle. Although both products appeal to a similar demographic, the discrepancy in their advertising strategies are undeniably coercive.
Despite the different products advertised by Kate Spade and Yellowglen, their advertisements share a common purpose. Kate Spade’s chinaware allures social butterflies and aristocrats who like to flaunt their status and “keep the conversation lively” at their parties. It prompts consumers to believe that only these plates, referred to as ‘peacocks’ will add life to their party. Correspondingly, Yellowglen persuades socially dynamic females that drinking their Moscato will flaunt their elegance and glamour. The product is accentuated by…

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