Essay on Advertising : A Brand Of Feminine Hygiene Products

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Always Hooked Advertisements have been around for centuries dating back to 1704 with an old real estate endorsement from the Boston News-Letter. Many businesses from thus far have been jumping on the band wagon and promoting a good or service to increase sales. Over the years marketability has grown to include billboards, magazines, and radio stations giving the producers the opportunity to extend the reach of their advertisements. While advertisements have made a large impact on the community by pushing different products down the public’s throats it does benefit all parties.
Along with many different businesses Always is a brand of feminine hygiene products designed for women on their menstrual cycle to use for day or night. Advertising Always is for targeting women everywhere that experience the problem of going to bed nervous with having to wake up with ruined sheets. Always feminine products have been around since 1983 when it first appeared on the market giving women the freedom they deserve. While the word always by definition means “all the time” it gives the brand the ability to act off the definition inferring that the women using thus product will be protected endlessly. Making women believe that there is some kind of safety blanket on them while they enjoy their restful sleep. The layout of an advertisement is everything when it comes to directing the eyes to where the brand wants them to be. By doing so, this allows the company to be in control of the…

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