Advertisements Taking Over Our Lives Essay

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Advertisements: Taking Over Our Lives Advertisements have been around since ancient civilization. In the 19th century, it had become a major force in capitalist economies. Advertisements were in primarily newspapers and magazines. As technology advanced, so did the culture of advertising. By the 20th century, there was new technologies, such as radio, direct mail, television, and then eventually the Internet. The Internet is a huge source for people to post advertisements in order to reach a population from all over the world. In the articles “The Language of Advertising” by Charles A. O”Neill and “With These Words, I Can Sell You Anything” by William Lutz, the authors make a claim of how easy it can be to attract an audience in an advertisement …show more content…
O’Neill makes an excellent point that “the all-time favorite advertising device is sex. Why? Because the desire to be sexually attractive is our most powerful instinct.” Sex appeal is one of the major ways to get an audience hooked. The advertiser may use photos of pretty girls and seduction to make the audience believe that seduction comes with purchasing the product. Seduction can also be used to attract females to a product such as the Victoria Secret commercials. In those commercials, they use models to make women feel as if they can look like that if they purchase their products, they can feel just as sexy …show more content…
This is commonly seen through food advertisements. These ads have the ability to make a person feel hungry even though they are completely full. We are all guilty of wanted that burger that looks so nicely paired with those tasty French fries. While we are at it, we might as well make it a combo meal for only a few dollars more. It has become easier and easier for the marketers because people are losing more and more self-control. This can also be a lead to why to the obesity rates in America are increasing so rapidly, people want everything they see. Advertisements are so powerful because they are everywhere. While driving on the freeway, there is the giant McDonalds M, which can be seen from miles away. Advertisements have become the new art because of its ability to make people feel

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