Advertisements Can Make Or Break A Product Essay example

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Advertisements can either make or break a product. By just looking at the ad your mind will subconsciously crave it, but once you start looking deeper into the ad you might realize the negative things about it. In this particular eye catching ad, Katy Perry is standing in front of a simple yet bold background while holding two bags of Pop Chips. The advertisers are trying to get consumers to buy these healthy chips by having a celebrity endorser say they are good for you. While the ad looks fun and exciting, there are actually a few subliminal messages hidden within the ad.
A giddy Katy Perry stands there, holding two Pop Chips bags over her breast while her eyes are glancing up towards the “nothing fake about ‘em” slogan. With the bags strategically placed over her breast, this shows that, yet again, the advertising media is using sexual conduct to sell a product. Even though it was meant to be shown as fun and flirty, the more conservative consumer may find it very distasteful and refuse to buy the product. Following this line of strategy, the viewer is led to connect to the cleverly hidden joke between the “all natural” chips and “all natural” breast. Although they were trying to play it off as cute and funny, the humor comes off as mean-spirited towards women who have had breast enlargements or augmentation surgery. It also puts the company around a high horse when Katy Perry is quoted saying, “I’m not into phonies. Good thing there’s nothing fake or phony in Pop…

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