Advertisement Of A Single Company, Budweiser Essay

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Companies are always looking for new, enticing and creative ways to advertise to their target audience in a rapidly changing society. Where companies need to be careful not to arouse controversy with their adverts. I will be looking at how a single company, Budweiser, have adapted their marketing in the last 47 years by comparing two of their adverts.

The first advert I will be looking at was published in 1963, it is a single image with a text overlay. The Title reads ‘this calls for Budweiser ’ with the sub text of ‘big appetite… dinner’s almost ready and it sure smells good. Loosen your tie and enjoy your Budweiser’. The image itself portrays two people, a man and a woman in a kitchen scene. The woman is smiling contently, she is stood up, bent over slightly lifting the lid of a cooking pot that is placed on a stove. She is blonde and wearing a floral top and what looks to be a short apron. The man is also in a arched position, leaning in towards the stove with a beer in his hand. He has black hair, is wearing a Formal shirt and tie. Also there is a ring on his third finger on his left hand. Next to the stove there is also a Budweiser can. The kitchen is brightly coloured with yellow walls and green cupboards.

In contrast the second advert I will be looking at was published in 2010, 47 years after the first one. The foreground is a photograph of an attractive woman laying on part of a giant Budweiser beer bottle. She is blonde and is wearing little clothing that is…

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