Advertisement Of A Fedex Express Advertising And Services Using No Words

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In today’s society we are constantly surrounded by advertisement. There is always something that society wants you to buy. In first world countries advertisement has been around for centuries and has become a normal part of daily living. Big companies, that have been around for a decades, have begun to start advertising products and services using no words in their advertisements. But can an advertisement without any written information be eye catching enough to grab the consumer attention? By Using a FedEx® Express ad we can analyze all the rhetorical devices presented and rule out if the ad is effective enough to stand out to consumers.
Some facts about the advertisement are that is was published around the end of the year 2010. This was at a time that all shipping companies started competing for who could deliver shipments the fastest. The Advertisement was aimed at a target audience of consumers. But not just any normal consumer; it was aimed at consumers that like to ship items and would like them delivered fast.
FedEx® itself is an internationally known shipping company. Unlike the post office, FedEx® ships directly from one part of the world to another. It is very well known company with mostly good feedback from customers. This advertisement is to show that FedEx® is becoming faster and more reliable, which will increase their business.
The advertisement itself is depicting one person handing a valuable vase through a FedEx® Express box. And the bottom of the box…

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