Advertisement Of A Budweiser Magazine Advertisement Essay

1058 Words Mar 13th, 2016 5 Pages
Advertisements are used by thousands of companies worldwide to promote their product or service to their target market. There are a variety of different ways and means of doing this; however, of these, print media is one of the most common. These advertisements are particularly effective at targeting a specific audience by using the demographic of the magazine itself as an access point. Subsequently, companies can choose which magazines to display their advertisement in, in order to reach a certain demographic. Magazine advertisements are made up of several signifiers which can be used to promote their product or service to the audience in different ways, as well as appealing to the dominant ideologies held by the target demographic. This essay examines how certain signifiers are used in a Budweiser magazine advertisement, to promote their alcoholic beverage to the audience. The main signifiers identified and examined in this essay are the image, slogan and background of the advertisement.

The background of an advertisement is essential in developing a theme, purpose or perceived ‘mood’ of an advertisement. The background also helps to contribute to the subtext of an advertisement. In this Budweiser beer ad; the background is a solid, deep red colour. Many Budweiser ads, throughout its long history, have red included somewhere in the ad. This is to create brand recognition. When a person is exposed to many ads of the same brand, they start to link certain colours or images…

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