Essay Advertisement Is An Effective Brand Logo

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Modern day Americans lead busy lives dedicated to working diligently, spending quality time with with family members, upkeeping social ties, and any other obligations they may have. Along with this ornate lifestyle, the average American is bombarded with upwards of fifteen hours of advertisements per day. This number has increased drastically from 2008 when expose to advertisements averaged only eleven hours daily (source 1). This dramatic change gives proof to the fact that advertisement is an important part of media, but how, and to what effect, does it influence every day live?

One major point of advertisement is brand recognition – specifically aspects as simple as slogans or logos. From Nike 's slogan “Just Do It.” to the iconic golden arches of McDonald 's, these simplistic characteristics go a long way towards promoting a brand. While logos and slogans may seem insignificant, they often give insight into the values of a brand and imprint an easy to remember tidbit of information in the minds of busy Americans. A 2013 study shows that an effective brand logo can lead to committed costumers, allowing companies to thrive in a competitive market (source 2).

In 2010, five major industries (apparel, telecom, travel, pizza, and online services) spent a whopping $4.2 billion in ad expenses. Since then, the cost of advertising has skyrocketed. (source 3).With such a massive bill comes an intricate strategy to make these ads effective. While slogans give an iconic message,…

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