Advertisement For The Weight Loss Product Essays

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Products are created with the purpose of innovating our daily lifestyle. Advertisements are tools in attracting consumers to help fund and profit these innovative ideas. In the November, 2016 issued magazine, “Life&Style,” there is an ad for a product called: “Hydroxycut.” This magazine has an audience of everyday people that are looking into celebrity gossip. A perfect place for millennials to relate on the problems with celebrities. The ad for the weight loss product, Hydroxycut, displays a very attractive woman in a swimsuit on the beach. A very common desire in society is to lose weight as it equates to physical attractiveness. Utilizing these desires, advertisements can illustrate our society and cultural values.
An important aspect of this advertisement is the attractive female in the foreground. Initially, one may assume she is a model, however, there is a “before and after” pictures right next to her. Having those pictures allows the company to showcase the transition of what the weight loss product can do. Moreover, it allows readers to think she is just an everyday person just like the audience. The use of a female can entice women who are insecure about their weight. Society has stigmatized overweight females by showcasing slim models on the media to show what is and should be accepted. Using an insecurity to their advantage, Hydroxycut is able to attract a female audience that has the desires to look like the ideal woman society would accept. A common phrase…

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