Advertisement And Marketing Of The 2016 Olympics Essay

727 Words Nov 7th, 2016 3 Pages
The instant you look at something or observe it you react to it. Consciously or subconsciously you always react. It is human nature to do so. It is for this reason advertisement is a multimillion dollar industry that will never go away. The opportunity to invade your life is a constant thought to advertisement and marketing companies, so it comes to no surprise that the 2016 Olympic games would be riddled with advertisements. Capturing the compelling stories of an athlete fuel advertisement companies for months, even years after the Olympics. The attached advertisement I found exemplifies Olympic marketing perfectly. The advertisement in question attempts to get you, the consumer, to buy or drink milk. Going even further the advertisement attracts you to you a lifestyle. The advertisement comes from a 2016 summer issue of Peoples Magazine. The intended audience for this ad is anyone who like to take care of themselves, look good, and be rewarded for the effort. The advertisement depicts Team USA’s 2016 silver medalist Danell Leyva holding one of his two silver medals earned at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. The American flag along with the Olympic rings are depicted. Advertisement’s exist to make you aware of a product or lifestyle, then they turn aim to turn thoughts to whether your life is better with or without the product, and after this, advertisements try to be memorable. Advertisements engage you so that even if for just a moment you are thinking about the product and its…

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