Essay about Advertisement Analysis : The Vodka Advertisement

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When walking down the streets we usually will not remember the face of other people who walk pass us, since they are all ordinary people who have nothing special for us create a memory for them. However, when a beautiful/handsome looking woman/man, wearing a fashionable dresses and walking towards us, we might slowing our steps and pay more attentions to those special individuals; we might even talk to our friends about what we saw afterward. Advertisement is the type of person whose creators want it to become the center of the stage; making audiences remember them at the first glace, but when this individual’s dresses are too stylish he/she is putting himself/herself into a very critical position. This Skyy vodka advertisement shows how sex is both smartly and abusively used in nowadays commercial.

The image within this advertisement is simple, a woman offering drink to a man in an apartment during late night. When we look carefully into it, each element is given a special purpose. First and the most important is the whole advertisement is consist of three different levels of, the far behind, serving as the background, the middle, treated as the center of the picture which is also the thing creators want us to remember at a glimpse, and the front, the closest object in front of us which is the product they want us to buy and advertising about. By using this three different depths of field method the two dimension advertisement printed on the magazine creats a three…

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