Advertisement Analysis : ' The Smart Choice ' Essay

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Every day in today’s world, people encounter advertisements through various media forms such as television commercials, magazine ads and billboards. Through advertisements, advertisers are able to persuade their viewers to buy their products through persuasive tactics. In a September 21, 2015 Sports Illustrated issue, Gieco Insurance ran an ad which used subtle messages, encouraging words, and appetizing images in an attempt to create a desire for its product. The use of a subtle hidden message “Make the Smart Choice,” that Geico Insurance used was just one of the persuasive tactics used in the ad to create a desire for the product. In an article by Jib Fowles “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals” Fowles explains, that people have fifteen emotional appeals that ads try to strike. One appeal Fowles mentions called “hidden messages” is a way of getting a message across to the viewer without them even realizing it. The purpose of the statement “Make the Smart Choice,” should make the viewer believe that if they choose the product, they will be smart like the rest of the Geico customers. This type of hidden message appeals to one of the fifteen basic appeals that Fowles discusses in his article and that appeal is “2. Need for affiliation…. The need to associate with others…” (Fowles5). The Geico ad fulfills this by making the viewer believe that if they choose Geico they will be affiliated with smart people who also use Geico insurance. Everyone has the…

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