Advertisement Analysis : The And The First Woman Who Generated

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`` This was the ancient times when women were not involved in business and labor market, and also they themselves did not have any interest in it .The advert is written as “we have come a long way as you’ve come a long way. Baby!” and the first woman who generated tells its story in public media, chiefly many advertisements posted by major companies seem to find effectiveness in selling their products abiding gender to specific roles, irrespective of whether these adverts may be casting a stereotypical message or not .This example of advertisement have reflected gender stereotype in some way .Although an advertisement may not determine the way someone leads their life ,the fact still remains that it is more ethical to dispense information to the masses of society regarding to not stereotype against any certain group out there.

Also there is a fact that major companies are willing to do whatever it takes to get their products selling, even if it means to, “stereotyping against certain gender to get the point across” .In that advert , a woman shows her biceps in a manner that portrays her as masculine .Masculine images typically convey power ,strength ,virility , athletism , and competitiveness whereas feminine images show beauty ,submissiveness , nurturance and co-operation.
Target audience
According to my analysis these adverts target women. It tries to show women that men and women are equal and should be given the same platform in competitiveness in business and…

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