Advertisement Analysis : The Advertising Essay

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The video advertisement that can be accessed from the link above is the Carl’s Jr. ad that aired during the 2015 Super Bowl. The advertisement introduced the fast food company’s new “all natural” burger with the help of a seemingly naked female model. The advertisement is directed towards heterosexual men. After watching the advertisement for just a few seconds it already becomes clear who the target audience is. The target audience of this ad is clearly heterosexual men. This stays true from the start of the ad to the very end. This is due to the fact that the seemingly naked female appears on screen after only three seconds and remains the center of attention throughout the ad. Although the advertisement continues on for a total length of 52 seconds there is no indication of the target audience changing. There are also many less obvious things going on within the ad that further support heterosexual men as the audience. The advertisement’s target audience becomes even clearer as the ad continues and the actress begins walking through the market. All the men in the market become stunned and stares as she walks by. Even the men pre occupied with tasks at hand such as watering vegetables or scraping ice quickly turn their attention to the seemingly naked model. This effect is shown on nearly all the men within the ad, however the women within the ad remain unaffected by the model’s presence. This further suggests that men are the target audience of this ad.…

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