Advertisement Analysis : Mistakes Are Opportunities Essay

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Advertisement Analysis: Mistakes are opportunities
Loyalty is hard to find. Trust is easy to lose. Actions speak louder than words. Companies such as Google and Apple have very loyal consumers, only opting to purchase products under their brand name, respectively (Forbes). On the surface, Google’s Pixel advertisement is just another commercial showcasing a smartphone out of the many phones that are available today (YouTube). However, they are attempting to build and strengthen their brand by putting the nail in the coffin, enticing Apple consumers to become loyal to them. Google tries to do this by borrowing Apple’s marketing tactics and also effectively punishing them for their grave mistake.
The commercial starts off by asking the viewer if they need a new phone, followed by another question asking “Like new new?” (Google). Then it starts outlining features followed by the word new such as “not having a version number new” (Google), “having the highest rated smartphone camera new” (Google), “a battery that lasts 7 hours and only take 15 minutes to fully charge new and so on and so forth” (Google). Things start to heat up when the ad takes a clever jab at Apple saying that their phone has a 3.5mm headphone jack followed by saying that it’s surprisingly not new which was not consistent with what was being emphasized earlier in the ad. Nearing the end, the commercial very quickly goes through the technical specifications as well as miscellaneous features followed by the…

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