Advertisement Analysis : Hershey 's Kisses Essays

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This memo is for the purpose of advising your department in the area of advertisement. It is an honor to work with such a well know company as Hershey’s and I am confident that my analysis will help your company reach its target audience more effectively. I have analyzed your advertisement for Hershey’s Kisses which appeared in the November 2002 issue of FamilyFun on page 137. This magazine primarily targets parents. Although a child might occasionally flip through, mothers (especially) and fathers would be this advertisement’s primary audience. I have included a detailed analysis of the ad and recommendation of changes. Presently your advertisement is focused, but it does not engage the reader. However, with just a few changes to the design and story, your advertisement will draw the reader in and they won’t be able to look away.

Advertisement Analysis

This section is my analysis of your advertisement. I was pleased to see that your ad included visual stimulations, a variety of emotional appeals, and a broad targeted audience. There were several well placed visual elements to your ad. The overall design would certainly catch the reader’s eye as he or she flipped through the magazine. The three kisses stand out as the dominate feature of the ad because they are red, silver, and green on the plain white background. There is a large amount of white space filled only by the kisses, the brand label, and the phrase “Merry Kisses and Happy New Year!” I think…

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