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America’s Obesity Problem When I was an eighth grader I became overweight. I was five feet and four inches and weighed 178 pounds. It was ideal to treat myself to McDonalds because the dollar menus were reasonably priced. The McDonalds that I ordered from was crowded and lively with the booths filled with people enjoying burgers, fries, sodas, ice cream, and dollar apple pies. My typical snack would be the McChicken with a small fries, and if I was in the mood, I would treat myself to a soda as well. I could not look in the mirror and see myself as chubby because I was not ordering the enormous combo meals like the skinny and healthy actors in the McDonalds commercials. When I attended high school, McDonalds was no longer an option, …show more content…
The advertisement uses pathetic appeal within the two largest elements, the picture of the lunch box and the print "Cheer up your lunch" (Nabisco). Clever businessmen are trained to use marketing tactics to attract buyers. Adults are always reminiscing carefree and lighthearted times of youth, so the slogan and the lunch box are great reminders of childhoods. Children who view this advertisement will also become interested in Oreo because of the grinning smile on the lunchbox. Because Oreos have been around for over a hundred years, the marketers who create advertisements have taken advantage of Oreo’s seniority in the food business in sending the message that Oreo as a friend that has always been there to save our unappetizing lunches. Also, the advertisement consists of logical appeal because of the phrase "Two biscuit snack pack. Ideal for lunchboxes" (Nabisco). The people in charge of the advertisement know that parents are constantly busy with their daily schedules, so the advertisement basically claims that it will make parents ' lives easier because anyone can grab a pack of Oreos and toss them in their child 's lunchbox. The juxtaposition of the scrumptious chocolate vanilla creamed cookie and the joyful lunchbox make Oreos extremely tempting to purchase. By glancing at the advertisement, the audience will see the glossy cool blue and creamy white colors with positive wording of how special the Oreo is and how the practicality of the product, but the audience is missing is the in-depth view of what they are actually feeding themselves or their

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