Advertisement Analysis : Advertising, Pepsi And Dasani Advertisement

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In today’s world we can’t go to a place without seeing an advertisement. The purpose of advertisement is to convince the consumer to buy a product. In United State the beverage companies spend billions of dollars every years on advertisement. Big beverage companies like Coca Cola and PepsiCo don’t shy away when spending money on advertisements. The advertisements can be closely analyzed by examining the content of Coke, Pepsi and Dasani advertisement, and evaluating each with the criteria of the product mentioned in the ads and music or a narrator in the video. An advertisement is so important to a big company like Coca Cola. They once willingly spent 8 million dollars in one minute commercial at Super Bowl commercial. The title of the commercial are “America the Beautiful”. The video show that everyone drinks Coke no matter who you are, or where you are. This advertisement left the image in my head that Coke is bringing people together. The ads meets both of the criteria. One of the requirements are the product is mentioned sometime in the ads, this ads meet that requirement because the product is shown throughout the video. Like, at the beginning of the video a little girl in the movie theater is holding a cup that has the Coca Cola brand on it, and near the end there was a girl drinking Coke in a car. The second requirement are, there should be music or a narrator in the video. This ad meets the requirement by having a song that is sung by a Ray Charles, and Alicia…

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