Adversity Today 's Life : Adversity Essay

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Adversity in Life
People need some sort of adversity to help discover who they are and what they are to become. Hardship leads people to examine who they are and to question what is important in their own lives. Everyone has a bit of misfortune in their lives, and without it they wouldn 't be human. If God made everyone perfect, then the world would be pretty boring. Adversity gives people 's lives a little extra, and although it may be hard, when the situation is over, the outcome is amazing.
A time I myself encountered adversity in my lifetime is when I had overcome many health related issues related to being able to conceive children. No, I am in no rush to get pregnant or give birth, but in about 10 years down the road I would like to start my own family and be a mother. Last January, Mother Nature payed me a visit; everything was going fine other than the normal aches and pains a woman gets while on their special week. My time was almost up when the “cramps” started; I 've never had cramps before, so my mother thought nothing of it. She handed me a couple of pain pills and told me that the discomfort was natural and that I would be over in in a matter of days. I on the other hand was freaking out! My stomach felt as if it was being turned inside out and I just could not deal with the pains.
For about a week or so after my time of the month, the tenderness still had not ceased. I could not even get out of bed by that time; all I did was lay in bed and cry while my…

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