Adversity And Triumph In Janie's Their Eyes Were Watching God

In the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, the main character Janie Crawford goes through many moments of adversity and triumph. First, we see her end up as a 18 year old who is stuck with an old man named Logan Killicks who she leaves for a younger, more successful man named Joe Starks who is new and exciting. She then is forced into a prolonged marriage where she is emotionally restrained as well as physically abused at times all while working like a slave in a shop where she can’t talk to people, depriving her of the social life she craves. After the long awaited death of her husband, she ends up keeping the store where she meets a young, charming man named Tea Cake. She finally feels that she found her soulmate, but then loses him to rabies due to a dog bite from when he was saving her life. After all this, she goes back to her hometown in Eatonville and after reflection with her close friend Pheoby, finds peace in the memory of Tea Cake. With this in mind, after all the drama that Janie ends up going through I feel that this novel is a story of triumph because she is able to experience many new things in the process, all while finding her soul mate Janie’s story is one of triumph because she experiences so many new things …show more content…
One example of triumph is her seeing new things like her ability to shoot things, which is discovered while she was living with Tea Cake. Another example would be that she cared so much about her true love in Tea Cake that she held his body even when he had tried to kill her just moments ago. Even with all the bad things that did happen to Janie during the process, her positive mind set overshadows all the bad that happened. In conclusion, we see that Janie’s life is a good thing because of her ups and downs with type of mindset that she had made her ready for anything, unlike about 90% of the

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