Adverse Event Reporting In Nursing Homes

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Wagner, L. M., Castle, N. G., & Handler, S. M. (2013). Feature Article: Use of HIT for adverse event reporting in nursing homes: Barriers and facilitators. Geriatric Nursing, 34112-115. doi:10.1016/j.gerinurse.2012.10.003
This article is a study by Wagner, Castle, and Handler that analyzes why adverse events reporting are such an issue especially in the nursing home setting. The authors determine that most nursing homes do not use a computer which makes it difficult for healthcare workers to access easily and report an adverse event. The authors identified fear of being in trouble with the administration as one of the reasons health care workers fail to report an adverse event accurately. This article unique feature is the fact that the authors
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The authors believed that when health care workers report adverse events, a preventive measure will be taking in preventing the same mistake from happening again, thus increase patient safety and patient satisfaction. The authors explained in great details that a lot of barriers exist and most health care workers are unaware of the protocols and are unsure which event need to be reported. The authors focus this study in nursing home settings where most residents are unable to file complaints due to cognitive impairments. The authors explained that because these patients are less alert to their surroundings, they suffer more harm and the events are often underreported. The authors did an excellent job at identifying the barriers that exist in reporting an event but fail to provide adequate information on how the hospital administration can encourage their staff to report an adverse …show more content…
Just the other day, the question arise at work on whether we should report an incident or not. Back when I was in nursing school, they taught us to report any incident that happened on the unit including near misses. Despite the administration effort to encourage event reporting, some nurses are very reluctant on reporting an incident. Most health care workers think that the administration is tracking their mistakes, and they will eventually get in trouble. Will event reporting improve patients’ safety? What can be done to help nurses get rid of their fear?
7/12/2016 Entry I- Event Reporting and Compliance-Will reporting an event help improve patient safety?
After many types of research on the subject event reporting and compliance, I begin to realize that reporting an incident the right way can help improve the quality of nursing care consequently improve patient safety. In many hospitals especially the nursing home, patients are prone to injuries like falls, pressure ulcers and some of these incidents are preventable if a necessary measure is taking to make changes in the way of providing care (Wagner, Castle, & Handler, 2013,p. 112).
7/13/2016 Entry I- Event Reporting and Compliance-Will reporting an event help improve patient

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