Adventures Assignment 1 Essay

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The American University in Cairo
School of Business Department of Management

MOIS 508
DR. Sami Akabawy
Spring 2012
Assignment #1
(Chap. 1,2 &3)

Hadil Kamel

Chapter 1: * Why would Carl Williams ask a non-technical manager to assume the CIO position? * For a CIO to be successful, especially at times when IT presents a problem area, he or she has to have more than just solid IT background. The CIO needs to have good management skills; they need to be a fixer. Jim Barton has the required management skills, he is considered as a great manager at IVK; he also had a lot of ideas regarding how IT should be run, and he used to critic Davies, the former CIO, on how to do his job. Therefore, he was a good
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* For the investors and customers: His questions should be about their views on the service the company provides and how to improve it. * I think he should first meet with the CIOs to be able to understand his role and responsibilities, then with the analysts, then the investors and customers.

Chapter 3: * Do you think IT management is different from management of other functions? * Yes I think IT management differs from other functions because in It technology moves fast, and you can’t keep up with the fast growing technology that everyday something new is coming up and you always have to be up to dated. Although IT managers were experts in their fields and knew the details about it, new technology comes along and the technical workers are the one who know the details about it and become experts in it to a level that their managers can’t reach. On the other hand, in other functions, the manager can do the job of anyone in his department as well as any of his employees.

* What did Barton learn from his trip to the bookstore and late night of studying? * After his trip to the bookstore and late night of studying, Barton realized he can’t get to know in depth everything; it is too much to grasp.

* What depth of IT understanding must a CIO leader have to be effective? * The CIO must have enough IT understanding that would give a general background on the matter to be able to assign

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