The Wildest Journey

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Adventure has drawn people into its deadly grasp since the beginning of time. In the long stretch of mountains called the Himalayas; Everest stands tall, calling people in with a promise of adventure. Somewhere on the North Face lays a lifeless discolored body belonging to one George Mallory, who climbed the mountain for the third time in 1924 in promise of adventure left the world with a mystery. Some believe that Mallory and his tech savvy partner Sandy Irvine did not reach the summit. However, the mental strength and perseverance of the two men pushed them to become the first to reach the summit of the Mother Goddess of the Earth. In 1999 when George Mallory’s body was found, a circulation of rumors of Mallory and Irvine success resurfaced, …show more content…
In the documentary The Wildest Dream directed by Anthony Geffen at Conrad Anker and Leo Houlding free climbed the second step as Mallory and Irvine had done and successfully made it. According to Leo Houlding it is very possible that the Irvine and Mallory had made it free climbing (1:15:31). Mallory was the greatest climber of his day and had to scale the second step just as Anker did who is equally experienced, given that Leo someone around Irvine’s age when climbing the mountain says that it’s possible. In the article “What climbing Everest has taught me about George Mallory’s final hours” on Mark Horrell quotes Noel Odell, “My eyes became fixed on one tiny black spot silhouetted on a small snow-crest beneath a rock-step in the ridge; the black spot moved. Another black spot became apparent and moved up the snow to join the other on the crest. The first then approached the great rock-step and shortly emerged at the top; the second did likewise. Then the whole fascinating vision vanished, enveloped in cloud once more. There was but one explanation. It was Mallory and his companion moving, as I could see even at that great distance, with considerable alacrity… The place on the ridge referred to is the prominent rock-step at a very short distance from the base of the final pyramid” (paragraph 4). Noel Odell’s last sighting of Mallory and Irvine alive climbing the far up second step, not near where he fell, and certainly to high for him to be in the shape his body was when it was found. Although Odell’s sighting may not have been where he originally thought they were; in the article “George Mallory conquered Everest decades before Sir Edmund Hillary” written by Nick Britten published on, Graham Hoyland a man obsessed with Mallory and Irvine since he was 12 and has climbed the mountain multiple times to

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