Adventure Education And Wilderness Sports Essay

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People have become attached to the resources at their fingertips. Technology has destroyed people’s curiosity to explore on their own. Limiting communication through technology and getting people to take risks can start with physical activity in education. Starting activity at younger ages, will improve people’s chances of continuing that type of activity throughout the rest of their lives and it can be done with adventure education and wilderness sports. Adventure education and wilderness sports are the alternatives to basic sports taught in the primary school system. They require students to challenge themselves, analyze risks and adapt to their environment through obstacles both manmade and natural.
Wilderness sports involve student’s ability to engage in physical activity within their natural environment, allowing them to use their mind and body to adapt to what is around them. The difference with wilderness sports is it develops a sense of independency; all of the activities listed below can be do independently. Additionally wilderness sports, leave nature untouched, students that challenge themselves with wilderness sports learn how to adapt to the nature world before them and this can improve their awareness, physical limits, and risk analysis.
Categories include:
• • Snowboarding
• Skiing
• Hunting
• Fishing
• Trail running
• Mountain biking
• Camping
• Backpacking

Adventure education, although quite similar there still are some differences. It involves…

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