Essay on `` Adventure `` And Anny 's Notion Of `` Perfect Moments ``

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Antoine Roquentin’s feelings of “adventure” and Anny’s notion of “perfect moments” tie together throughout Nausea. Roquentin spends most of his time alone, self-analyzing, but it is through his adventure that he discovers what he has been missing. Unlike Roquentin, Anny had been chasing these “perfect moments” her whole life and by the end of the book, she feels as if she has run out of them. Anny and Roquentin’s lives seem to almost run parallel to each other, but going the opposite directions; Anny always seeking adventure then giving up on them and
Roquentin finally seeking an adventure only to find they only exist once they’re over. Although entirely different concepts throughout Nausea, Roquentin’s “adventures” and Anny’s “perfect moments” both contrast and relate throughout the book.
Antoine Roquentin begins his quest for an adventure after befriending the Self-Taught
Man after forgetting to show him photographs of his travels. The Self-Taught Man then discusses his beliefs on how travel is the best education and hopes to after his education and that
“something unexpected happens to me, something new, adventures,” which he describes to the astonished Roquentin as “Getting on the wrong train. Stopping in an unknown city. Losing your briefcase, being arrested by mistake, spending the night in prison. Monsieur, I believed the word adventure could be defined: an event out the ordinary without being necessarily extraordinary.”
(36) When the Self-Taught Man asks if Roquentin…

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