Advantages Of Virtual Training At Virtual Classroom Essay example

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Virtual classrooms incorporate the strengths of the instructor-led classroom experience because they contain relationship building interaction and immediate feedback. The virtual classroom engages students, and engaged learners are responsible and energized by their learning. In a virtual learning environment, students also have easy access to resources on the internet. Virtual training creates a realistic training setting, which makes the content more relevant and increases the chances that training will transfer to the job. Other advantages of virtual training include the cost savings and convenience. Students can get together from any place at any time for a few hours every week (Noe, 2016). Some disadvantages of virtual training include the large amount of time it takes teachers to develop user friendly, interesting, challenging and academically relevant resources. Other disadvantages are the credibility of online information service providers and low connection speeds can cause issues for students (Posey). Situated learning should have authentic and relevant context with authentic and relevant activities that occur in a social situation. A virtual classroom can support this type of learning if successfully executed (Scales, 2008). Training professionals need to make sure the training topics pertains to the employee’s role or job tasks or they will lose interest and there will be no transfer of knowledge (Argosy University Online, 2016). A virtual learning…

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