Essay about Advantages of Video Games

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Should Parents Allow Their Children to Play Video Games?

Video games can best be defined as an interactive electronic game that requires players to control the movement of the character by using a controller and gain points and money, to say the least. Almost all video games require a medium for it to process the movements and actions of the player. The medium can be in a form of a game console, a disc where the game information is stored, a computer and sometimes both disc and console put together. For example, the Xbox or the Playstation require both the console and disc where as some games can be downloaded through the internet. The first form of video game that appeared on departmental store shelves was ‘Pong’ where basically the
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First of all, it is a fact that playing video games can improve a child’s thinking, decision making and movement capabilities. Research has shown that playing video games can enhance a child’s thinking process; studies suggest that playing video games confirmed an improved performance in a varying of situations (Boot, et al, 2008). Furthermore, extensive research has been done that proves that playing video games improves a child’s decision making process or in other words, shortens the time for the child to reach to the current situation he is in (Bakar, et al, 2006). In addition to this, children develop faster and accurate hand-eye coordination in a game. When the child is playing, he knows that he has to react faster to the actions in the game and thus improves his hand and eye coordination (Bakar, et al, 2006).
Secondly, the child would develop a creative approach to problem solving. ‘In the game Counter Strike players develop codes within their team to win the game. This creative approach or strategy improves their team work and also gives them the skill to solve problems creatively in daily life’ (Wright et al, 2002). ‘Even young children with limited fine motor skills can express their creativity and gain self-esteem in a well-designed game or virtual play space’(Olson, 2010). The skills obtained from playing video games like Counter Strike or World of Warcraft can be put to good use in daily life. As a gamer, they

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