Advantages Of Trs's New Decentralized IS Structure

1.Describe the advantages of TRS's new decentralized IS structure. What are its disadvantages?

Introduction of IS structure has solved the most of the business problems while IT alone was not able to. Cooper had a deep insight about the IS structure and found IS to be primitive and isolated. Cooper has redesigned the system considering each segment, which improves in each area which is efficient and cost effective.

IS has got both IT and business into a new emerging partnership.
Decentralizing IS structure makes the work flow easy as it would decompose into many fragments and becomes very responsive.
Indeed, this in turn results in easy maintenance, implementation and cost to build.
Being flexible, TMS’s DIO’s were assigned
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How did the new structure change decision rights? How did it change accountability for IS project success?
Cooper has made amazing changing in the company by giving a new designation to the employees. Cooper identified and recruited the business personnel who can take the right decision. Apart from being designated, Cooper has given the responsibilities to these expertise and made them accountable. These senior personnel’s are called Divisional Information Officer. DIO’s are the employees who were recognized by their peers, sub ordinates and supervisor, who were accountable partially in the past have become accountable totally.
The change in the structure has not got big changes other than the responsibilities that has been assigned to the DIO’s. Cooper has taken a insight thought of selecting the personnel for DIO position and making them accountable for IT strategy, development and services.
Appointing DIO’s main agenda is to assign individual BU to each one and making them handle and answerable. This would give great impact on the system, making the system responsive and efficient. This change has contributed towards IS project success as DIO’s has to lead or to be backed for any kind of
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The debate about IT Governance centralization and decentralization is heating up again with the advent of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Identify the major advantages and disadvantages of implementing encouraging BYOD for employees in an organization. Please use personal work situations or reference materials as examples.
(A) Like every other aspect, even BYOD in IT management has two phases of a coin. There are both advantages and disadvantages of using centralization and decentralization in the corporate world. Bring your own device concept has encouraged employees in the organization to get their own devices such as their laptop and mobiles.
BYOD bought the freedom in the employees and in the organization making work life easier and faster including their personal. Every employee in the organization is free to get their own devices such as mobiles and laptops making connectivity and communication easier.
At the same time if above are considered as advantages, it has its own consequences too. The security cannot be assured. As any employee is allowed to bring their own device, data security and information security is not

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