Advantages Of Trade Barriers

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In today’s world, it is essential to maintain good performance of international relations in the political, commercial and cultural development, to achieve the global development of countries. No country can fully close its economic borders or be considered self-sufficient and does not need the support of other countries to obtain the resources they lack, because countries cannot produce itself all goods and services that require social demands. For a country to obtain resources they lack it is necessary to carry out trade negotiations and agreements with other countries. The development of international trade makes countries prosper by leveraging the goods they produce better, then trade with other countries. Integration of nations into global …show more content…
It is not easy to understand the opposition of free trade as they relate to the policies and decisions chosen by individuals.

Trade barriers, tariff or non-tariff barriers, have as main goal to restrict the imports of certain supplies, either to equilibrate the commercial balance of the country, to protect the national production or to increase trade between a group of countries.

On the Economic Aspect, for many countries, the increase in exports is highly beneficial to a nation’s economy, but for other countries the increase in imports can be a threat to their economy and this is the main concern of countries who adopt trade barriers with the intention of protect their economy. There is also the believe that trade barriers protect their goods, therefore they impose limitations in imports of similar or same goods with the help of import tariffs to increase the price of such goods and diminish
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Many nations adopt trade barriers to prevent their industries being outperformed by financially stronger multinationals that can become so powerful, especially in smaller countries, that they can dictate political terms to the government for their benefit. There are also social and political reasons, such as the notion that trade barriers can protect an industry that is considered strategic to national security, control better the flow of goods and passengers, and maintain a safer area to curb the arms trade, narcotics and other elements that threaten national security influence. Some nations take on the cultural and ideological argument that trade barriers protect their customs and traditions that may be affected by the use of various products and services

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