What Was The Northerner's Victory In The Civil War

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There was a four-year bloody battle during the civil war. Both the northerners and southerner took fighting each other very seriously, and they both thought it would be a short war and minimal casualties, but that did not become the case. When the southerners talked about the northerners, they called them cowards and they did not think that they had the courage and strength to sustain in a long drawn out battle. The northerners really expected the southerner will to fight to weaken quickly and they also accused the southerner of not being equipped and prepared to fight the United States Army. Both admitted that the war would not change any of their belief and differences in a dramatic way. The slaveholding way of life would continue to become prosperous as it has for decades. The northerners wanted the south to see the error of their ways so they would come running back to resume relations with the Union. …show more content…
The north had a high expectation going against the south; they suspected that they would have a quick victory because the north had a vast amount of materials which is a huge advantage over the south. They North had three advantages during the war; they had more people, more materials were available, and last they had more industry. The northerner 's population in 1861 was around 22 million and the southerners was far less with 9 million. The Confederacy numbers are staggering because out of the 9 million people 3.5 million were slaves. The Union Military aged white males outnumbered the Confederacy four to one. They had an existing navy and their made more firearms than the south. They had the ability to outfit their Union soldiers with clothing, shoes, weapons, and food. Their network of railroads for transporting supplies and money to finance the war. The Union had far more money to fund their war efforts than the

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