Team Building In The Workplace Essay

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Team Building and Employee Productivity
Studies on employee productivity in many workplaces point to the fact that employee productivity is rarely at its maximum. Employee productivity in companies is a crucial indicator as to how the entire company will perform in a given industry. With high competition in many industries, the performance of a company is vital to its survival in that industry. In order to increase employee productivity, employers from all over the world have employed various strategies to achieve this. One of these strategies is team building. Team building exercises have been proven, beyond doubt, to increase employee productivity.
Team building refers to all the activities that seek to unite and blend individuals to work
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The major advantage of team building is that it increases the productivity of employees. The employees are able to coordinate their activities in a company and as a result, the performance of the company as a whole improves.
Team building improves communication among the employees in a company. The most effective communication in company is informal communication. Formal communication, like communication from the Chief Executive Officer of a company to its employees, brings about the notion that the employees are subjects of the management. Informal communication, on the other hand, brings about the notion that every employee, including the management, is part of a team. Thus, informal communication in a team building environment increases employee productivity.
Team building increases employee motivation. In most workplaces, there are distinctions among the different categories of employees as well as distinctions between employees and the management team. As a result, employees who are in the lower ranks will generally tend to be less motivated compared to employees in the higher ranks and those in management. However, with team building, all employees will feel that they are important to the company since they are members of the team. This will increase their

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