Advantages Of Socialism

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Register to read the introduction… The main economic strategies are based on the market and include more government control than socialism. This is the best advantages of socialism because when the economic crisis was coming, the government could adjust the macro-control policies and introduced a series of initiatives to expand domestic demand and promote economic development. It achieved success quickly and efficiency. But, socialism is easy to establish monopoly enterprise. These companies are controlled by government and supported by a lot of government policies, they have no competition inside the country. Although they follow the current world market situation, they have the leaderships of the industries inside the country, that is the reason of forming monopoly enterprises easily in socialism. Because of these monopoly enterprises, the price in the market could be unreasonable, that is terrible for citizens’ …show more content…
China and North Korea are very close, when the two countries are established, their economy system are both communism. But China had changed it into socialism and developed very fast in the recent 30 years. As the neighbor of China, North Korea still keeps communism and its economic power is very weakness in the world. The reason that North Korea keeps communism is under the communism economy, North Korea can effectively guarantees their security and political independence of the nation. Communism economic system can make North Korea concentrate on development of industry and heavy manufacturing, in the case of maintaining the minimum standards of living. This will cause the military forces of the country become strong. Within a certain period, this problem caused by uneven economic development could be hidden by the strong sense of consciousness of invasion. For the purposes of a poor country, communism economy has more incomparable advantages than market economy for the maintenance of national security and the political independence. Nowadays, peaceful development is the main theme, North Korea also focus on developing its economy and improving its productivity. “Because North Korea always uses 50% of its GDP to keep its army, it causes the serious shortage of government investment in economic development (The influence of communism of North Korea).” This long-term imbalance between accumulation and consumption, along with communism economy inherent weaknesses, makes the development of economy very slowly and lose the development potential. My hometown, Dandong, is the largest border city in China. There is just one river between my hometown and North Korea so I know the North Korean living situation. In the evening, my hometown is full of neon light which makes the city look more beautiful. But on the North Korea side, I have never seen the electric light in the evening and night. Because of communism, North Korea

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