Advantages Of School Uniforms

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Kids in Uniforms Grow Up to Be Professional
Professionalism is very important as children grow up and especially when they enter a corporate setup. Off course there are no uniforms in offices but professionalism and adherence to policies is what uniform-friendly children tend to exhibit more than casual kids. When you’re required to dress up daily in a uniform, you are actually learning to abide by policies and exist in an environment guided by principles.
Parents want their kids to be well mannered and behaved; a 1994 study proves that students wearing uniform at school are well perceived by teachers.
Adapting to a uniform culture at school actually means that you are going to see long-term benefits of this. Uniforms are also known to raise the level of acceptance amongst peers.
Helps Prevent Gang Activity
Gangs use colors and symbols in order to identify themselves as members. Every year, there are many crimes involving drugs and violence that happen in our schools because of gangs. School uniforms
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Disadvantages of School Uniforms

1. Interferes With Creativity and Self Expression
Clothing is a big way that people express who they are and their personal style every day. School uniforms strip students of this right and can make them feel like they are being oppressed.
2. Comparison Is Inevitable
School uniforms require all of the students to wear the same outfits than they will compare who looks better in that outfit. This is especially true for girls, who are always comparing themselves to each other.
3. Cause Resentment among Students
The majority of students do not want uniforms. If they are forced to wear them, without taking into consideration of the way that they feel about the situation, then they will begin to resent the school and the administration. This could cause behavior problems throughout the

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