Advantages Of School Attendance Essay

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Should College Attendance Be Mandatory?
If we break up the word attendance -tendency means a watchful care or persons in attendance, While the root -At means, the place of someone or where something is. This topic is an issue of debate all over the world. Some people support this rule while others are against it. Many arguments in favor of strict attendance policy have been presented while some arguments are against the strict attendance policy. Students in college and universities are mature enough to make their own decision. The school attendance policy affects the life of the student in many different ways. Almost all schools expect regular attendance of students. After all, there is no point in enrolling a student to get an education without
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It forces many students in a class to sit even if it is unhelpful for them. Many students have a busy life and they cannot attend every class of school or university. Even if these students work hard and want to study hard at home, they are not allowed to do so. Some students still get bad grades even after attending classes regularly. All students pay a tuition fee to learn and have knowledge validated by papers and tests. With mandatory attendance, a college is forcing students to attend every class. In this way, students are irritated because they feel like they are being treated like children not like adults. According to Linsenmeier, Some students have bad financial condition so they have to look after their studies as well as they need money. In such cases, the universities should help students so that they can live their life happily …show more content…
The evaluation of the student is done on the class participation. Professors also take a quiz or ask a bonus question in the class to increase the attention and interest of students in a particular subject. Evaluation on class participation also increases the interest of the students in a particular subject and towards the learning. Despite all these arguments and research reports showing advantages of higher attendance, a lot of students prefer not to attend classes often. There are different arguments and justifications provided by students for not attending classes. It is found that the most important factor in deciding absenteeism is the quality and clarity of lectures. Professors that use to make students engage in class using some methods of making lectures interesting, often observe a high percentage of attendance. According to Robert, Students’ response to the argument and this surveys result was positive and majority of students agreed that practical decision making and interesting lecturing are able to bind students and make them attend more classes. (Robert,

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