Advantage And Disadvantages Of Robotic Surgery

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When you hear the word surgery the first thought is the risk you are taking while on the table. Though, your first thought when you hear the words robotic surgery, you think robot? Well, robotic surgery is a new innovative way to perform surgeries but, while being controlled by a surgeon. While robotic surgery is a major breakthrough in medical science it doesn’t rule out the way it works, its advantages, disadvantages, and malfunctions of the procedure.
How It Works
The da Vinci was approved in July of 2000 by the FDA. The da Vinci is operated by a surgeon with hand controls on the computer system away from the patient. The robot has 3 or 4 arms and has a tiny video camera attached to one arm, and the other arm is tipped with
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No one wants to be stuck in the hospital after a surgery one because of the food. The stays are said to be shorter because of the laparoscopic incisions are so small. The surgeon instructs the machine to make several small cuts and insert the camera and surgical tools to operate. With the shorter stays it also help to reduce hospital cost up to 33%. Another advantage to robotic surgery is the magnification on the console. Seeing things more clearly on the console provides the surgeon with a great resource for operating. The 3-dimensional camera gives the surgeon a clear view of where they are inside of their patient. Working with the surgical robot it is said to be more precise than general laparoscopic surgery. Because while a surgeon is working with their hands they can’t guarantee to have a steady hand. Though, with the invention of the EndoWrist it is also known for having tremor reduction. Having this particular elective is significant because it prevents from making a major mistake. The da Vinci is also able to scale movements. With these actions it results in the machine making smaller movements in correspondence to the surgeon who is actually making bigger movements with their hands. Although, the da Vinci is also known for maneuvering better inside the body cavity because of the carbon dioxide released throughout the body cavity helps the body to …show more content…
However, there is an incident of electrical malfunction, where the robotic arm grasped onto the tissue of a patient and wouldn’t let go. The medical team had to conduct a total shutdown of the system so that the grasper would open up. Although, the patient was reportedly not hurt it’s just the fact that the incident did occur. Another electrical malfunction encounter was when the robotic electrical arm hit a patient in the face during a hysterectomy. So after this unfortunate mishap the surgeon decided to change to the open laparoscopic surgery to be more cautious. With that being said robotic surgery has its risk just like any other

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