Urban Colleges Advantages

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Did you know how great it to attend college in a large city is? Urban colleges offer such incredible environment in almost every corner around or inside campuses. It’s where students can discover the richness, beliefs, cultures, and talents of different people. In addition, it is very important to decide whether or not attending college in big city because the cost is much higher than colleges in rural areas. However, what they could receive is more valuable from the opportunities offered in a city. Moreover, city colleges bring students to an excitement of a bustling city by giving excellent educational resources, life experiences, and plentiful entertainment choices. One of the most advantages of going to school in big cities is to grow …show more content…
There is no doubt to say that people can absolutely obtain their real life experience everywhere not just in large cities. But outsized cities play a significant role in this particular advantage. First of all, big cities given enormous opportunities to participate in internships, which every student hope to acquire. Students ultimately wanted their resumes to be impressive in one way or another. Imagine a person majoring in fashion design who needs several credits for volunteering. This is where real life experience comes into play. In this reason, big cities such as New York, Kent, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles are the number once choices that students may concern. In order to earn partial credits for volunteering, large city colleges give students chance to sit down and watch the most amazing fashion show that most small city colleges cannot provide. Therefore, outsized city colleges will give everyone a better time experience and self-examination along with their …show more content…
people often consider that these are the most luxurious places to live and it’s a waste of cash. However, without taking a chance to go and live in the urban areas, people will never recognize why it costs them so much compared to rural areas. The variety of choices in entertainment are the key to this unclear cost of attendance. College students always asking themselves whether or not being active after class or just finding a place to rest. What are the choices if students choose to stay active? In small cities, all they could think of are eating McDonald, watching movie from the nearest place, and then heading back to campus. Because there are not enough time to drive fifteen miles away to have their favorite food or a nice theater around campus, students have fewer choices to spend their time. In contrast, let explore a new museum exhibit, visit new art gallery, and tryout different types of food from the across restaurants in the big cities. These choices made up a fresh environment to keep students busy in a good way that most small cities might lack. Nevertheless, the diverse off-campus options also broaden students’ senses to the culture of many big cities.
Although all colleges aim to have the best program, time, and aid to prepare students for their future careers, large city colleges choose to provide rich, diverse, and exciting experiences on their way to the bright

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