Advantages of Online Learning Essay

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The online era is beginning to change the way we deliver the message to the students. As brokers of information, we have to seek new mediums to reach our students or consumers. Online learning is becoming more popular to reach students to help increase their reading and comprehension of what they read. As a history teacher, it becomes frustrating to assign homework that the students do not do, because they can't. The use of technology has the ability to allow teachers to teach the student, instead of teaching the grade level. Jon Bower, CEO of Lexia Learning Systems, points this fact out when he states,

"Technology has a crucial role to play in our schools. Unfortunately, it has little to do with the integrated learning systems,
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In designing my class, the ability to connect, without the fear of being criticized is an important step. Ice Breakers are designed to lessen some of the anxiety that has built up with any classroom. Also, group work is given to learn how to depend on your fellow classmates. The ability to sink or swim can forge connections as well.
One of the advantages of online education is that you can blend into the educational experience. Some people are here only for the knowledge and nothing else. They are not trying to make new colleagues to lean on, only people to help them prepare for tests and other projects. For people that might find themselves intimidated by the larger classroom setting, online provides that hint of anonymity to allow freedom of expression for some students.
• Making sure that written instructions are clear and concise. One of the inherent weaknesses with online instruction is the instructor cannot use student feedback or interaction to change the course of the activity or instruction. Most good teachers can figure out when something is not working right and quickly change on the fly, or provide better instructions to help the student achieve the desired outcome.
READ 180 has lexile level books to insure that the students are reading books that are approximated for their ability. Teaching face to face can constrain a teacher to teaching to the grade level, instead of teaching to the student.
A benefit of

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