Advantages Of Object Oriented Method

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Software development with the Object-Oriented method

Object-oriented method as a new type of the unique advantages of the new method is causing more and more attention all over the world and a high degree of attention, it is known as "the best method of research on high technology", is more concerned about the focus of current computer industry. More than a decade, in the study of OO method in full swing boom, many experts and scholars predict: just as in the 70 s a structured approach to the huge impact of computer technology application and promotion of, in the 90s, OO method will strongly influence, promote and promote the development of a series of high technology and multi-disciplinary comprehensive. This article has discussion in OOA
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The object-oriented design is from the other ideas to solve problems. Entire backgammon can be divided into:
1, black and white parties, the behavior is exactly the same two parties,
2, board system, is responsible for drawing the picture,
3, the rules system, is responsible for determining such a foul, win or lose, etc.
The first class object (player object) is responsible for accepting user input, and to inform the second class object (checkerboard object) changes the layout of the pieces, the board object receives the pieces will be responsible for the change in the top of the screen shows the changes, while taking advantage of the first three types of objects (Rule system) determination of the chess game.
It is apparent, based on object-oriented functionality to partition the problem, rather than steps. The same is to draw chess game, such behavior in process-oriented design is dispersed in the overall multi-step, and it is possible to draw different versions, because usually the designer will take into account the actual situation of a wide variety of simplification. The object-oriented design, the drawing object may only appear in the board, so as to ensure the unity of the

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