Advantages Of Network Solutions

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Overlap between network solutions system and an ideal system Identified as overlap or similarities between Network Solutions, Inc (NSI) and characteristics of ideal PMS, as outlined by Aguinis (2013) as:
• Strategically congruence, where NSI strategy passed to teams, to individual goals for meeting organizational goals.
• Context congruence, reinforcing cultural change to support forced distribution ratings
• Thoroughness, All senior leaders performance planning, ongoing discussions and updates between managers and employees, annual performance summary
• Meaningfulness, Annual performance summary, development planning and training year-round joint effort for managers and employers, ratings force administrative decisions, improvement plan
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The biggest concerns with managing human performance ineffectively are the costs and the ever-increasing competitive environment. An advantage of a forced distribution system is as Stewart, Gruys and Storm (2010) outlines, lessens “rater errors” where the majority of employees are rated “poorly” or “rated well” with the later a more common error (p.171). Stewart et al. (2010) adds additional advantages of forced distribution system as:
• Employees are evaluated using same criteria, over individual manager biases for more objectivity
• Promotes open communication between managers and employees about their standing as well as how to improve, while there is time to do so
• Identifies and rewards high achievers, raise overall performance, while weeding out poor performers (p.171-172). By failing to have an effective recognition program in place, employees do not know where they fit in on the proverbial totem pole. More than knowing their place in an organization, Castleman (2016) identifies, how human recognition is “acknowledged by others” which can have “psychic and material effects on well-being” (para.1).

Disadvantages and negative
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With the new NSI PMS there are many advantages for the organization, management and employees, however as Bickman (2016) argued, “poor execution or lack of authentic management commitment” could be reasons to fail (para. 3). With the overwhelming support by senior management and encouragement for their direct reports to make use of efficiencies of the PMS, linking organizational goals to employee goals is

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