Compare And Contrast Cosmetic Beauty Vs Natural Beauty

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n today 's society beauty has become a major topic of interest. There is a current uproar of controversy regarding the varying types, including that of natural versus cosmetic beauty. Although both are excellent choices, they are two completely different sides of the make-up industry. Both cosmetic and natural beauty have their perks, but to decide which is best for the customer depends on their price range, the overall look they are hoping to achieve, and how their skin is going to look and feel after the day is over. Natural beauty is easier on the wallet and easier to achieve. Depending on how natural the customer wants to look will cause the overall cost to vary. One of the perks of natural beauty is that a naked face without any trace …show more content…
Caking on make-up layer after layer takes a toll on your skin 's natural oils. It clogs your pores and restricts the cells from breathing. Therefore, causing acne and breakouts. Along with cosmetic beauty comes the hefty price tags. Buying the best, top of the line products, is a given when looking at celebrities and models and that perfect face we see portrayed on billboards and television. That "perfect" look is what customers aim for when applying cosmetic beauty. However, the consumer would have to weigh the commitment it takes while applying, "having to spend a good portion of your day applying things to make yourself look good can and usually is a huge hassle" as said in Natural vs. Cosmetic beauty (para 3). The make-up enthusiast aims for chiseled cheekbones, perfectly plump lips, and hair that flows naturally with curls. The end result of looking perfect tends to have that exact result when evaluated by men. When four pictures were shown to a group of men, a unanimous decision was that the girl with a full face was deemed as the most attractive (Guéguen, 2015). Cosmetic beauty might be a hassle to complete and weigh down their wallet, but what end result is the customer hoping to …show more content…
Natural beauty is single handedly the easiest way to achieve a flawless look for the day, not costing much and being applied in under two minutes, as long as that is the look the customer is most comfortable showing off. Cosmetic beauty, although time-consuming and coming with a heavy price tag, is seen just as beautiful as natural beauty. Both looks have varying options to consider when deciding what is best for the consumer. For an average Jane going through day-to-day errands, a natural look seems like the best fit. However, for the college party girl, cosmetic beauty is the best route. It was, after all, created by drag queens who applied layer after layer to withstand the heat from the lights and the sweat from dancing all night. In the end, choosing between natural or cosmetic beauty is completely up to the discretion of the customer and their confidence level or the look they want to

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