Analysis: Should Muslims Gain Civil Rights In America?

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Should Muslims gain Civil Rights in America? Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "One aspect of the civil rights struggle that receives little attention is the contribution it makes to the whole society" (King Jr. 142). This quote receives little to no attention whatsoever. By giving people, no matter what race or religion, civil rights, it makes the whole society united. In the 1990s, Muslims began to involve themselves politically and legally into the American society. This was particularly to pursue the violations of their civil rights (Hacking 917). They had civil rights before the 9/11 attack, but after that attack, their rights were questioned. Similar to MLK 's arguments for the negroes, Muslims have fought for their civil rights through …show more content…
Many Muslims in the country are not responsible for the violence or attacks happening in the country. There is a saying that goes “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.” This is, by far, a true statement. Ahmed Abu Ali is a very educated man. He got caught for terrorist actions or for future terrorist actions. He was conspiring on assassinating George W. Bush. His family and friends wouldn’t believe that, but he ended being sentenced to life (Adas para.10-12). Seeing how even those that you don’t expect to be terrorists, turn out to be terrorists, America is dangerous but not that dangerous as to where there are bomb threats everyday 24/7. “No Separate Justice” was launched in New York because the government kept information away from the media, Americans had no idea what has been happening to their citizens. This system mostly pressed on the treatment of Muslim Americans in the U.S Federal Crime Justice system. After the 9/11 attack, Theoharis, political science professor, says that “what has happened within the law, needs to be changed” (Adas para.1-4). Muslim Americans feel that their civil rights are violated towards stereotypes and profiling. They loath reporting civil rights and labor violations (Federal Civil Rights,

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