Advantages And Disadvantages Of Moving Class System

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Celvin Pelaez-Gonzalez
English 105
9 October 2017
The Struggle of Moving Class Systems America is not the greatest country in the world anymore. Poverty levels have risen. There have been a lot of mass shootings in the past year. School systems are corrupt and children are dropping out of school. America is number one in incarcerated people. All of this is due to families not being able to move up in the social class. Social mobility describes the movement or opportunities for movement between different social groups, and the advantages and disadvantages that go with this in terms of income, security of employment, and opportunities for advancement. Social mobility matters because equality of opportunity is an aspiration across the
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This basically means mass production of homes and homogeneous communities. Those with money are more likely to live in homogeneously privileged neighborhoods and interact almost exclusively with other affluent people. Those without money are increasingly confined to homogeneously poor neighborhoods. The use of sprawl compare to traditional town building is that sprawl does not allow diversity to occur. Less diversity leads to less upward mobility because you’re not exposed to real world problems. Thus, not allowing children born into poor family the ability to make bonds with other people of different types of social …show more content…
Although there is evidence that some groups within the ethnic minority population are catching up with the majority white population through rapid upward social mobility, ethnic minorities are still disadvantaged compared with the majority population.
In the book, Hillbilly Elegy, by J.D. Vance, it is stated that his family went through some really hard upward mobility. This book shows the characteristics and struggles certain types of people in our society have to go through in order for them to actually get to live a civilized life. His grandparents moved from town to town in order to find a decent job that would actually pay well. Even when they did find a well paying job, they found themselves in a community that did not appreciate their presence there. They were seen as invaders who did not deserve to be there. Vance also went through some hard times with his parents. Being left to live with his drug addicted mother he had to mature pretty fast. Vance also faced some trouble in school due to only having one parent to somewhat look out for him. He missed a lot of school work and almost failed first year of high

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