Advantages Of Mountain Climbers

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Living in the 21th century, things have definitely changed since the millennials and the technology era comes in place. Easy access to information, communication, entertainment, and even ‘easy ways’ to get rich are so all over the place. Our era has become an era where everything needs to either be fast or easy. Let’s just say Starbucks. Back in the days, we used to brew and make our own coffee, but not anymore. Now, everyone goes to Starbucks in the morning to get their morning coffee. Smartphones are also a big deal in this era. People buy the latest, fastest, and good looking iPhone in the market, even though they do not really need one. We could also found so many people that constantly protested about having high wages with minimum hours …show more content…
Sukarno, once said "Give me 1000 old men, and I will undoubtedly pull out Semeru [a mountain in Indonesia] from the roots. Give me 10 young male mountain climbers, I will undoubtedly shake the world." In other words, having more manpower does not always do the job right. Infact, having less mountain climbers that are intelligent, persistent, and hard working would do the job better and bigger. Mountain climbers would force through all the challenges ahead of them, and would be persistent on achieving the goal all the way. My experience may not even be as close as what my parents went through, but I am glad that though I live in this 21st century generation, with easy living mindset and gadgets everywhere, my parents keeps reminding me to work hard to reach my goals. Persistence is telling yourself, that despite of all the circumstances that might tell you that “this is the end,” we will and should not be done if we have not reach our goals. We should not be tempted and swayed by an easy and fast life style. Instead, we should learn from Japan and other countries that have proven time and time again, on how important it is to be persistent and hardworking. Technology may help us to get and know things easier and quicker than before, but it should never shape who we are as human beings. Being persistence in a life that offers you many shortcuts and easy solutions to our problems, is a challenge to everyone of us. So back to our question, how can our lives be better without having and holding such 'hard working ' ethics? It won 't be. Working and putting effort on all we do should be essential to our lives. To not only create a better generation, but to also create better leaders

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