Are Luxury Fashion Brands Successful

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Luxury Equal Success
Glamorous. Chic. Exquisite. These are the adjectives best associated with the repertoire of the most luxurious fashion brands. Held in the highest esteem of the fashion world, luxury fashion brands such as Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Versace ,garner notable success in numerous ways. Their renown is instantly recognizable, but their process to fame is not. Many don’t understand what makes luxury brands stand out, or what makes them so popular with the public. Due to marketing and brand management, luxury fashion brands succeed more than regular fashion brands.
An essential factor to all businesses is marketing, especially to luxury fashion. It is implied that a good luxury brand commands an omnipresence to the public;
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Also sticking to a clear brand identity , luxury fashion brands stay with a clear and consistent style of clothing and apparel, always acknowledging their heritage and primary characteristics (Choi et al.) International brands are extremely rich in heritage, which they exploit and maximize to their advantage, along with incorporating different traits of their heritage into the products, providing a small yet ensured familiarity, typically appeal to a certain culture, most likely the culture that is imbued within the company, providing emotional integrity and a genuine connection with the consumer (Fionda and Moore). Hence the word ‘luxury’, luxury fashion brands convey an expensive lifestyle, which leads to the high prices of apparel (Fuchs et al.) While one could argue that the use of luxury items is futile and for monetary value, they would fail to realize wealth is the significance of the brand, marking the brand as a privilege and a sign of personal luxury, with the customers ability to “recognize a luxury fashion brand is higher when paired with a fast-fashion brand than when it is not paired [with] any other brand” (Amatulli et

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