Advantages Of Living Together Before Marriage

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When it comes down to marriage it can be quite hard to decide, whether or not live together before getting married or waiting till marriage. Living in a free country, we should be allowed to decide what is best for each of us. Living together before marriage is a great idea. It allows people to get to know their partner more. Also is a great idea because it can give them a idea of how to build together and work as a team more then just thinking about them self. How can someone know if something is going to work out, if they don’t try it first. Marriage is a choice that you have to think a lot.
Being in a relationship is about getting to know their partner. However being a couple is not the same when it comes down to living together. Living
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(Garrison, M. (2008)). Living together also means responsibility and hard work. Love is not going to pay bills. Living together means apartment or house rent. What about tv or the furniture?what if both of them work to pay bills but who is going to keep the place clean, neat, and organized. That could caused problems because maybe the guy would like that her partner stay home to have everything ready but it 's not enough with only one of them working. If they were married they might just stay married because of of how hard the situation is. Instead of being together because they both want to. For example, if they are just leaving together and they are not happy because is not what they expected they can just separate without having to invest money. However, don’t get me wrong there is people that do get married and they do help each other no matter what and don’t give up, but unfortunately not everyone is like that. When a couple is living together is not ‘what I want’, ‘what I need’ is more about, ‘what we need’, ‘ what we want’, they have to think about them as a team as one. “Testing the relationship before making a permanent comitment a temporary alternative to marriage, where individuals are committed to staying together, but wait until is more convenient to marry” ( Macklin, E.D. (1978)

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