Advantages Of Legalizing Organ Sales

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To Legalize or Not Legalize Organ Sales Think about a world with on organ shortage for transplants. This thought would be a real if organ sales were legal. Legalizing organ sales could have many benefits. Not to mean there is no negative factors, it is that the many benefits outweigh the many negative factors. An estimate of 120,000 people in the U.S. were on waiting list for organs with this list growing at an ongoing rate of 5,000 individuals per year in 2013 (MacKeller, 2014, pg. 53). The evidence through this shows a problem with current systems of organ donations. Problems with the shortage of organs and the growing rate of people on waiting lists could be solved legalizing organ sales.
Organ shortages is a serious problem throughout
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So in truth there are all sorts of legal organs sales that are already around. The same laws that exclude many people from selling their organs provide money for anyone who removes, stores, transports, processes, or transplants organs (Boyer, 2012). If all of the medical professionals can get money off organ donations, then people who donate should be able to do so to? After all the organ that is donated is the persons organ until it is donated, so there is no wonder why many people complain about equality in donations. Having organ sales be made allowed could make many more different organs available for people who is in need of them. This would solve a world wide range of problems, including the shortage of organs. Organ shortages is a major matter that should not be ignored. The systems that currently are being used is not working and the many benefits of organ sales are unquestionable. With an incentive available, it is an unfathomable why this would not increase how many organs are readily available. The idea of compensation would spark the interest of many people. This idea a lone would motivate people to give up their organs, which in turn would decrease the organ shortages and the waiting lists. This may be a hard concept to accept at first, but in time this would be a start to be normal. Many people are afraid of change and what it could bring. Fearing the unknown is a very common thing, but change has to begin in order for problems to be solved and fixed. This obvious change is something that needs to happen. Legalizing organ sales could be a change that is needed. Even with the fear that many people have and the thoughts of it to be an unethical decision, it is a clear choice that making organ sales legal would be a useful and practical solution to fixing all of the problems associated with the decreasing of organ shortages and the amount of the many people stuck on waiting

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