Drawbacks Of Illegal Immigration To America

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Illegal Immigration from Cuba:
A Drawback to the United States of America There are many illegal immigrants from Cuba that come to the United States every year. That number of illegal immigrants increases each year; reported by Dennis Moore from his testimony, “in 2001 the United States had six to seven million illegal immigrants and in 2014 we now have eleven to twelve million illegal immigrants.” “The illegal immigrants from Cuba usually flee to South Florida such as Miami and Tampa,” stated by immigrationinAmerica.org. “Illegal immigrants are undocumented immigrants that cross the border without having citizenship or the authority to come to the United States,” according to procon.org. Many American citizens are not aware of this issue,
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culture and diversity. Without delay to this topic, when illegal immigrants come to the United States from their own country they have their own culture and traditions that they take with them (not literally). Almost every country has different things about it; the main thing concerning us right now is the differences of their culture and the traditions. As I have said before once those illegal immigrants come to United States they still have their own differences with culture and traditions which they keep when they come to America. This then increases the diversity in the United States because of their culture and the different countries the illegal immigrants come from. According to Messerli, he distinctly mentioned that the U.S. was built on immigrants and they came to the United States because they wanted freedom/ religious freedom and opportunity for a new life. In fact, it is really good that the United States of America has so much culture diversity and America is still growing with more and more diversity each year. America is such a diverse nation; this is great because it shows that we are a country that is very welcoming. It is also very good for the United States because it gives people, Americans, something different to experience out of what they usually see or it gets them interested and curious since its things they are normally not …show more content…
Nevertheless, the drawbacks of illegal immigrants from Cuba coming to the United States outweigh the benefits. This is due to so much harm that it caused our country. For instance, the illegal immigrants cross the United States borders illegally and take jobs that Americans could’ve worked for. They also bring their own culture which brings diversity but now there is so much diversity in the United States that we are losing our own identity and language. Illegal immigrants also cause us to go into so much debt because we either pay so much to help them out when they argue that they aid and assistance or, if we catch the illegal immigrants we have to deport them back which cost lots of money too. A solution to this could be that we do not give amnesty to the illegal immigrants unless they are doing something that will support our economy and we have to improve and increase the security of patrolling the borders even if it means using a little bit more money but in the long run it will help America and we won’t have to pay as much tax dollars to the low income people, which are mostly illegal immigrants. Under those circumstances, we still receive benefits and drawbacks from Cuban illegal immigrants coming to the U.S.; they affect our economy, culture/ diversity, and government. We know that the drawbacks outweigh the

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