Advantages Of Gender Equality

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Gaining gender equality is one of the most pressing issues for women. Today, many feel as though men and women are already equal in all aspects of life. However, this is not the case as women and young girls are constantly scrutinized for their behavior even when in compliance with societal standards. Moreover, women, particularly in third world countries, are faced with substantial amounts of sexism, misogyny, and violence. While progress is being made to increase gender equality across the globe, people need to be more aware of the disadvantages that women still continue to face and take action to promote equality. Much of gender inequality comes from sexism and misogyny. In many developing nations, women are seen as inferior and, therefore, …show more content…
Furthermore, women in Pakistan “are expected to accept arranged marriages and refusal can lead to “honor killings” that typically go uncontested by the government” (Mccune). By definition, sexism refers to the idea of prejudice on the basis of gender or sex and often includes ideas such as competency, double standards, and clothing requirements. Examples of double standards include personality traits and chivalry. Ideas relating to personality traits include a major concept regarding being bossy. If a man is blunt and assertive, he is considered to be in a position of authority and is just flexing his leadership skills. However, if a woman were to be blunt or assertive she would be considered bossy and aggressive. Chivalry has to do with double standards as there are individuals, particularly men, who “categorically refuse offers” feed into sexism. Chivalry is often seen as “gentlemanly” but can be toxic if overdone (Chemaly). Additionally, the concepts about societal views on femininity and masculinity plays into the aforementioned double standards. Moreover, women both nationally and internationally are subjected to dress codes. Whether it be in schools or in

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